Monday, March 19, 2012

QReditScanner retires and relaunches as a full suite of QR solutions

Mobile couponing web solution QReditScanner is now a full suite of QR code solutions for retailers. Services include QRLander, QRCreator and soon to follow is QRMenu. Read on for details...and more news from QReditSCanner.

PRLog (Press Release) - Mar 09, 2012 -
The Mobile Couponing System that has historically been known as "QReditScanner" has been retired and has been replaced with our Vanity QR Code & Landing Page service. Initial subsets of the service include our FREE landing page with a beautiful Vanity QR Code, and “QRCreator”, where customers can order custom Vanity QR Codes for any use they see fit. Future service roll-outs include QRMenu, aimed at the restaurant services market as a fully-loaded suite of services specific to restaurant clients. All the solutions can be seen at

Among other features, QReditScanner Landing Pages have a "Tweet" button that allows Visitors to Tweet the given Landing Page URL to their Followers, a Like button that will allow users to Like the Merchant's Facebook site, and a Google Maps button so users can map the Merchant's location.

More news from QReditScanner:

A “QReditScanner Friend” introduced two new potential clients after being shown the QReditScanner retail solution, just 24 hours prior... He described how their eyes lit up when he showed them the Vanity QR Code and QReditScanner Page, in the same way we've seen it happen time and again, over the past 3 weeks..., a local artist co-op, has expressed interest in incorporating QR Codes into the Denver Art Scene... there are tags that hang from artwork in the galleries... we plan to have our QReditScanners on those tags!

QReditScanner just agreed to a deal with merchants in and around DIA, to develop a website where they can manage their stats, ads, and such...and incorporate  QReditScanners into that mix…

QReditScanner is working on creating print packages for our merchants... Labels, Stickers, Refrigerator Magnets, Placards, etc… Think of your High School Pictures... all the different sizes and types, but all the same image of a custom QReditScanner! Soon will be offered on our site for purchase - and automatic delivery…

The Dry Dock Brewing Company proudly displays their custom QReditScanner their Get One Free Beer Cards which they hand out at beer tastings and competitions all around the nation.

Hampden Liquors proudly displays their custom QReditScanner at the store… taped down right on the counter, and on the doors of their coolers... awesome use of QR codes at point-of-sale!

All American Johnny's Pizza have started putting their custom QReditScanner on their pizza boxes… allowing customers to Tweet how tasty their pizza was to all their friends.

QReditScanner is catching on! See for yourself what a full-blown QReditScanner solution can do for you and your business at From simple custom QR codes to complete landing pages- you always get something FREE at QreditScanner

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Get YOUR FREE Vanity QR Code and custom Landing Page for any business. Coming Soon: QRMenu for restaurants!