Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looking for Coupons? Check out! is a revolutionary way to find, save, share and redeem coupons and offers- right from your SmartPhone.

You've been seeing QR codes - in ads, on vehicles, on billboards, even TV ads. But those are merely links to someone's website or business card. (Credit Scanner dot com) takes you right to coupons and offers from local merchants in your neighborhood.

Sign up for a FREE account and you can manage your QRedits (credits) and save them for later, email them friends and pull them up on your SmartPhone. No more clipping, organizing and remembering paper coupons - they live right on your SmartPhone. Simply present your QRedit to the local merchant, who scans your offer and redeems it for you- instantly!

And best of all- there is NO COST to you- coupons are coupons and we at abhor those social sites that actually CHARGE you to get a coupon.

Even better- our coupons last MORE than a day- so when you go back tomorrow, the QRedit is still there for you!

Check it out now- and be among the first to see offers posted by your favorite merchants- as we sign them up every day!

FREE Coupons on SmartPhones!

SCAN ME NOW with your Smart Phone to get Started!!

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