Wednesday, November 2, 2011

QReditScanner is ready for business testing!

QReditScanner announced today that their QR coupon platform has passed initial testing and has entered the beta testing phase of their project.

QReditScanner is a new way for merchants to drive fresh customers – and reward loyal customers- through mobile QR couponing on smartphones. Customers benefit by receiving QR coupons right on their smartphones with the ability to redeem them at checkout, without the hassle of clipping and carrying paper coupons with them to shop. The initial roll-out encompasses the Denver, Colorado area with plans to expand to other market territories soon.

Merchants sign up for a 30-day free trial that allow them to create and manage Offers. Offers are QR Codes that may be displayed in such media as print, billboards, webpages, and TV. Customers scan an Offer, which creates the coupon, or “QRedit”. The QRedit is itself a QR Code, which can be saved, emailed, bookmarked or Tweeted for future retrieval. When the Customer wishes to redeem the QRedit, they display it to the Merchant, who then scans the QR Code  with their own smartphone using a (free) QR code scanner app. QRedits are redeemed instantly, and are unique, one-time-use coupons. Any given Offer (and related QRedits) may be modified or closed by the Merchant at any time from the QReditScanner.com website. QreditScanner incorporates accountability and tracking; Merchants may retrieve reports of QRedits created and redeemed by logging on to the website.

Merchant accounts are always FREE for the first 30 days, and Merchants can earn extended discounted service by agreeing to simple marketing support, like in-store signage, and placing their Offers on other marketing materials.

Customers may also create FREE ACCOUNTS via the QReditScanner.com website. This is entirely optional, and is used to allow Customers to save QRedits for future retrieval. Customer accounts require only a username and password. Email address is optional. No other information is required or stored for Customer accounts.

QR codes are 2-D bar codes that can be scanned by any QR code reader, including free readers for most smartphones and other devices (i.e. a tablet). QR code use has become ubiquitous across the U.S. since 2009, while Europe and Asian countries have long-embraced QR codes in myriad retail applications. Most U.S. users tend to point their QR codes to a website, or their business card contact information. Few, if any, have entered the world of QR couponing with the reward of instant gratification that QReditScanner offers a smartphone user.

ABOUT QReditScanner
QReditScanner is a start-up LLC in the Denver, Colorado area that created an online interface allowing consumers to find and redeem mobile coupon offers, and merchants to create and manage mobile coupon offers without the need for printing, clipping or mailing. QReditScanner may be accessed online at any time

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